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03 November 2008

Paintings of Goddesses

Some of my themes when painting is that of the Modern Goddesses.
They have anonymous faces and fluid bodies,
they transcend reality and express the subtle nuances of life.
They reflect the graceful movements of human emotion
where warmth, charm, joy and love reside.
The Modern Goddesses,
in my paintings celebrate
mothers, sisters, daughters,
lovers, wives and friends.

These paintings are related to the Elements "AIR" and "FIRE"
Special images and symbols are included to embellish the richness
that these Elements consist of.
These are the Goddesses relating to the Zodiac signs
AIR- Aquarius, Libra, Gemini
FIRE- Leo, Aries, Sagitarius
I'll Post the others after I've taken photos......
They will be on show at"A Special Introduction For Women" at "The Gallery" in Randburg.
Details Ronnie Biccard
South Africa+27 072 928 5987

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