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09 November 2008

Step By Step Painting

Often people ask me how I start a painting, well it varies depending on how I feel and what inspiration I have. Below is a STEP by STEP breakdown of how I started. My inspiration came from a song by Katie Melua called "Step by Step" and this prompted me to document the painting from start to finish . The painting theme is also "step by step" its about the dance, the steps, the movement. I have always painted the Dancing Figure. Recently I started Nia classes- introduced to me by my friend Beth... well Beth it's the best thing that could have happened to me .. I LOVE the dance, the steps, the movement. Here is one of my paintings from start to finish inspired by the dance, the steps ,the movement....

STEP ONE- The dancing figures were taken from models in flowing dresses from a Cosmo Magazine fashion shoot. I drew the images in basic lines on a sheet of paper and arranged the figures to give the feeling of movement and freedom. Next came the canvas, this one is a big one(1200x1000mm). I loosely drew the figures on the canvas with a piece of charcoal. Then blocked in areas of darker colour.
STEP TWO-I start building up the colours and add in more detail eg. the hair.
STEP THREE- I gradually build up more colour and by now I so in my right brain that I no longer can explain the process. If you are an artist you'll know what I mean...
STEP FOUR- I give the backround more attention...

STEP FIVE- now it's the dresses turn to get the attention they deserve. I add in some pinks and ochres and defining black lines to add to the movement.

STEP SIX- the finished painting, here I've added the overlay of watered down white paint with a large brush to soften the hard lines,a smack of lipstick and voila.... A BEAUTIOUS CELEBRATION OF THE STEP BY STEP DANCING GODDESSES ready to kick up their heels........

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