28 October 2018

Lost Years

It is now 2018 and nearly November, the last time I wrote a blog post was in October 2012 when I returned to South Africa from a short stay in the UK. That was 5 years ago!!!!.
Knock Knock who's there ? No -one home! (My front door-Cakebridge Rd Cheltenham)
What happened to all those years? ..
I Loved the open Studios in the UK -Cheltenham Open Studios
They flew and are lost.

I painted up a storm there -Cheltenham Art In The Park

I just love, love these Buildings 

The Parks and Spring Gardens in Cheltenham are beautiful.
Buildings  ..I love buildings and Architecture
(BTW I'm wearing a purple hat!😖)

Yummy markets-Garlic Lavender Olives (and the purple Hat) 
A host of Golden Daffodils .

I had given up life in Johannesburg to start a new life in England. I left hearth and home, friends and family to explore ‘greener’ pastures (literally) in Cheltenham,UK . But it wasn't meant to be!

I was sad to leave beautiful England.

We moved back to South Africa to a beautiful seaside village of Hermanus in the Western Cape. 
My last blog post had pictures of the town. It is a very picturesque and inspirational place for Artists, newly weds and nearly deads the elderly- Not to be disrespectful there are loads of retired folk there -but hey I'm nearly there too age wise ... but Artists never retire!!!!!.
The Cape Is Truly The Fairest
New Life in Hermanus 

Picturesque  Seaside Village 

We stayed there for two and half years. Here I’ll share the process of renovating “The Candle Bush House” In my next Blog
This place was not for me! Enough was enough.
So we moved again. ( the restless Soul of a gypsy keeps a movin’ on - that’s me).
To another seaside Village in the Cape.