27 March 2009

Abstract Art in a Frightening World

"Fire in the Belly" Diptych Acrylic on Canvas-- Earth Changes

"The more frightening the world becomes ... the more art becomes abstract." Wassily Kandinsky

"Soleil" Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas----The Sun's Power

This statement is so true for me at the moment. After painting goddesses, spirit paintings, white-lined paintings, flowers and other themes, I find myself wanting to explore the realm of abstract painting.

The world out there is quite a “frightening” place at the moment. We are experiencing massive changes globally, in our country and personally, on all levels.

As an artist, the best way for me is to explore the depths is through my feelings.

As Wassily Kandinsky, the father of abstract painting said “Abstract art places a new world, which on the surface has nothing to do with 'reality,' next to the 'real' world.

"Letters to God" Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas----........

Abstract painting is an area that I have not visited for a number of years. It is not a cop out as many people believe. How often have your heard “oh my kid can do that”? Oh man, if they only knew what they are saying!!!!! It is really exploring the depth of the subconscious.

It is extremely difficult to paint abstracts. It’s about feelings and emotions. It requires you to change the way you look at the world.

You are transported into another time and space.

You stop seeing the big picture and look for details. Focus is on the shapes, the patterns, textures and colours around you.

Then you stop seeing the details, stand back and again see the big picture.

Embarking on an “abstract” journey, (because it is a journey), requires one to have the willingness to be spontaneous, to surrender, take risks, explore and experiment.

Allow yourself to do a shamanic dance with the elements

(lines, shapes, colours, textures etc).Listen to soulful music too. It allows you to access your deep subconscious expressing the creative force within. Internal energy within you is given an outlet. And when all is said and done, the work has reached resolve, you the artist feels complete , you then allow “ the viewer (to) stroll around within the picture, to force him to forget himself and to become part of the picture” as the master Kandinsky said

Art Quotations by Wassily Kandinsky. Famous abstract artist and theorist from Russia. Kandinsky is often referred to as the father of abstract art (abstraction)

There is no must in art because art is free. (Wassily Kandinsky)

I really believe that I am the first and only artist to throw not just the 'subject' out of my paintings, but every 'object' as well. (Wassily Kandinsky)

Every work of art is the child of its time; each period produces an art of its own, which cannot be repeated. (Wassily Kandinsky)

+ Abstract art places a new world, which on the surface has nothing to do with 'reality,' next to the 'real' world.

Kandinsky Kandinsky
One of my Favourite Masters of Modern Art.