23 May 2010

Paintings 2010.

I haven't blogged for a while, so here are some of my recent paintings that I have done.
Enjoy looking at them.
I have all of them on my Picasa Web Album
and Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/ronniebiccard/
One day I'll get the hang of creating a fabulous blog and website... But this will have to do for now.
So busy painting...
Ride a Saffron Horse
Klimt-ish Lovers
Glorious Gathering
Glorious fruit of the Vine

Glorious Feast
Freedom Song
African Maidens

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cloudhand said...

these are lovely!
thank you.

Kelly said...

You are very talented - I really like your style of painting.

Beth at Crazy4Art4u said...

Hi Ronnie, don't worry about your blog - it is just fine. Keep painting, that IS your blog! I absolutely love your color palette! Well and your subject matter, joie de veve - what could possibly be wrong with that! We need more, not less. I am just learning the painting medium - maybe some day I will be half as good as you are :D
By the way, I joined your blog as a follower!

kae pea said...

I am visiting via the blog hop and LOVE your work! wonderful! bravo...i will be visiting again to admire!

deb did it said...

found you blog-hopping...I love your paintings so much...the colors and movement of the womens hair...love, love, love!