10 August 2009

Afrika-Recent Commision

Modern Adam and Eve 1015x510
Passion like this 1015x760

Mornings Catch 1520x1015

Lyrical Calypso 1200x600

Little Things Matter 915x610

Buffet with the Bride 1520x1015

Flower Sellers and Pennywhistle 915x610

Flower Sellers and Chicks for Sale 915x6100

Cornucopia Madonna 1200x700

Morning Coffee with Roses 1200x700

This was a a commision I received and have just finished (July2009).

I have framed them in ornate gilded frames that are over the top, oppulent and smack of abundance.

I loved painting these paintings and I feel that I will definately paint more Black goddesses.

The brown tones of their skin work so well with my colour usage.

When one thinks of Africa- it is colour, the land, the fruit,the people, their clothes, the languages, the sunshine and the politics.

I hope I have captured the essence of the innate joy, not the angst of this continent, and especially that of the people.

Ronnie Biccard


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