30 April 2009

Some of my recent Paintings

Enjoy looking at some of my latest paintings... It would be lovely if you made a comment or two...
Temptations Again- Acrylic on Canvas

I decided to upload some new work ......

I haven't anything terribly profound to say at the moment. All is well in my world. These paintings are my recent work and are available for sale unless I have specified SOLD under the painting.... which of course is a delightful word for an artist.

Each Others Darlings 610X455 Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD Magical Moonlight 760x610cm
Acrylic Mixed Media

All Together Now 760x1015 Acrylic on Canvas

Between Lovers 610x455 Acrylic on Canvas


The Good Times 760x1015 Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD Blissful Moments

Just the Three of Us

Today We Sing and Play 1200x900