16 October 2008


It's time for another trip to the Cape or Freestate. Above is a collage of some enhanced photos of the wine lands. When I'm inspired somehow I see colours differently.

Landscapes 1,2, 3

Freestate Landscape

Namaqualand flowers in early bloom

Anthony's Blue's

Golden Hills

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03 October 2008

Fairest Cape Flowers

I love Arum Lilies/ Calla Lilies. I painted these
after my return from the Cape. I felt so inspired by the beauty in that part of the world.

I used some of these photograghs as inspiration for my latest paintings. Posted by Picasa

Sand, sea and sky .. Cape holiday.

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My Home and Family- Inspiration for my paintings

From early in my art career I have explored the recurring theme of women and human relationships. My paintings are inspired by my life. I have four daughters, two are mine, two my husbands. My work reflects the love, mystery and solitude of Modern Women which I refer to as
Modern Goddesses.
They have anonymous faces and fluid bodies, they transcend reality and express the feminine aspect of human nature.
They reflect the graceful movements of human emotion where warmth, charm, joy and love reside.
The Modern Goddesses, in my paintings celebrate mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers, wives and friends.
My paintings are whimsical and fantastical,
personal and emotional.

My daughters are the inspiration for my passion.

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Me,myself and I

Here I have made a collage of the many faces of me using Picasa(such a fabulous tool). Above are some paintings inspired by "me myself and I". Inspiration that is with me 24/7.... How cool is that!

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