19 November 2008

Spirit Paintings

Spirit Paintings
My Spirit Paintings are inspired and guided works of art.
I collect information and reference about each person and connect with them on a soul level.
I use their date of birth;
Astrological signs: their sun, moon and rising signs, (according to the time and place of their Birth)
Elements; Air is Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Water is Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; Fire is Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Earth is Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
Elementals (fairy tale stuff): faeries, elves, brownies, gnomes, leprechauns, salamanders, genies, nymphs, mermaids, storm angels etc Guardian Angels, gods, goddesses, totem animals, archetypes, flowers, colours, crystals, instruments, etc.and transform these into unique and customised artworks that speak to your very Soul.
These are personalised paintings and are commisioned only.To commission one of these artworks for yoursel for someone
special please contact me.









From Fear into Freedom

Spanish Loveliness

Costa Del Ladies

In december of 2007 we hired a movie called "Blood Diamonds" with Leonardo De Caprio. Set against the backdrop of civil war and chaos in 1990's Sierra Leone. A violent movie which had a terrible impact on me. In January the following year I had a vision, a nightmarish one, where I saw civil war and violence in our own country(South Africa). A few months later we did have terrible violence, where xenophobia struck our country and people from other countries in Africa were displaced and brutally attacked.
Many white South Africans were once again leaving our beautiful country. I had thoughts of the same. For the next few months I was gripped in fear. Paralized by it in fact. I just didn't want to be in South Africa where we have all this crime and violence.
I had been a victim of an armed robbery the year before at a friends house, we weren't harmed at all, but the invasion on ones space and person is quite infuriating and humbling at the same time.
I suppose I didn't deal with the trauma at the time because I didn't feel traumatised at all. In fact it was quite a strange out of body feeling then- and I felt no fear. The reality of what could have happened struck me a year later when I saw the movie, had the vision and then the actual violence of the xenophobic attacks..
I went into a very dark space of feeling very very fearful, angry, hopeless and depressed.
I wanted to remove myself from this harsh experience.
I want to leave South Africa and relocate to Spain. I travelled to Spain about 10 years ago and loved it. This is where I started an escape from reality. I had and still have this romantic notion that it would be so beautiful, carefree and inspiring. AND SAFE. I started searching on the internet for properties to buy to renovate. They say artists live in a world of fantasy. Well thank goodness, it was my saviour. I definately escaped on a very creative and inspiring journey this time. I removed myself from and dealt with the fear that gripped me, I transmuted it into freedom. I didn't have to sell up and uproot. I was free to be the gypsy, I could escape and paint away the fear. I think I drove my husband and family crazy.
For me this experience was about dreaming, about imagining; in the day, in the night and in my creations...
Where in Spain I travelled to I don't know. I just know I found fabulous places and here "my little cortija in Spain on a Finca " dream came about.

The whole experience was an inspiration for a series of art work.
This vision and dream continues to be a source of inspiration for my paintings, and one day I will return to Spain. Cordoba

Little Boxes
Spanish Houses

Art in the Kitchen

A fun day creating in my kitchen. My studio is only big enough for ME! So I resorted to using my kitchen as a studio, it was fine but not ideal. I would have regular workshops but I take up all space for myself in my studio.


Busy busy budding artists.. heads down Jo and Judes.

Glue, String, paper-all the bits and pieces.

Happy Jane

Thyrza concentrating!!

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12 November 2008

All in a days work....Latest goddess paintings

A days work is done.... I have framed most of the paintings for our exhibition at the end of November and the for the "Special Introduction for Women" ladies day and THE GALLERY in Randburg.
They look beautiful. Framing can be such a rewarding task, exhausting too. I had a full time framing business for nearly 20 years . I started when my youngest daughter was 2, determined to stay at home and look after both my daughters. Being an artist, part time art teacher and a framer allowed me to do just that. My life was interesting and diverse... never a dull moment. Of course it was also an ideal vocation for a single mom. I was always there for my children and I didn't have to ask a boss if I could fetch a sick child from school. I stopped framing full time in 2000. I only frame my own work now and that of a few friends.
I concentrate on my painting full time . My children are all grown up but have been a great inspiration for me in my paintings over the years.

These paintings are my latest Goddess paintings. Each Goddess has her own story -as do we. In some way their stories also relate to us. Enjoy their tales and the healing energy that they bring when we connect with them. They are magical mystical works of art that deal with the essence of the female pshyce. I loved painting them. I hope you enjoy them too......... Aphrodite
Greek Goddess of love and beauty. She is the gentle goddess of sensual love. See Botticelli's painting "The Birth Of Venus" She brings love and healing to those around her through grace and confidence. As roses bloom and apples ripen, so does self-acceptance grow to supreme self-love. Aphrodite is also known to the Romans as Venus. She is the goddess of doves, swans, roses, apples, arts and all things graceful, inspired and creative. According to myth, she emerged as a nymph from the waves and immediately drove almost every male god wild with desire. A part of our stories too girls????

Is the wise and magical goddess of the moon, Rhiannon hears our wishes and guides us on the path of inspiration. Rhiannon was the lunar Welsh Goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic. Rhianon is the Goddess of ethereal beauty, she was born with the first moonrise, she is the Muse of poets, and the source of artistic inspiration. The rides in the sky on a chariot driven by white horses . I think each and every woman has an affinity to the moon. Last night the moon was full and bright in a misty sky, surrounded by a huge aura.
Goddess of the Spring and associated with awakening. She is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She is an individual Goddess but she is linked to Demeter, her mother, and Hecate, Goddess of the seen and unseen worlds. Together they are known as the triple Goddesses- the maiden, the mother and the crone. The myth of Persephone is one of my favourites. This myth explains the natural processes and cycles of the seasons, with the descent and return of the goddess, she brings about the change of seasons. She is also known as the goddess of spring's bounty.
Once upon a time when she was playing in a flowery meadow with her Nymph companions, she was seized by Haides and carried off to the underworld as his bride. Her mother Demeter despaired at her dissappearance and searched for her throughout the world accompanied by the goddess Hecate bearing torches. When she learned that her father Zeus had conspired in her daughter's abduction she was furious, and refused to let the earth fruit until Persephone was returned. Zeus consented, but because the girl had tasted of the food of Haides--a handful of pomegranate seeds--she was forced to forever spend a part of the year with her husband in the underworld. Her annual return to the earth in spring was marked by the flowering of the meadows and the sudden growth of the new grain. Her return to the underworld in winter, conversely, saw the dying down of plants and the halting of growth. The mint and pomegranate is sacred to her.

Goddess of Water
Water is the element of purification, the subconscious mind. It is love and emotions. Water is the element of absorption and production. It saturates all life forms and within us we flow with the "tide" of our feelings. It involves intuition, insight, conception and pregnancy, fertility, the womb, health, beauty and divination.

09 November 2008

Step By Step Painting

Often people ask me how I start a painting, well it varies depending on how I feel and what inspiration I have. Below is a STEP by STEP breakdown of how I started. My inspiration came from a song by Katie Melua called "Step by Step" and this prompted me to document the painting from start to finish . The painting theme is also "step by step" its about the dance, the steps, the movement. I have always painted the Dancing Figure. Recently I started Nia classes- introduced to me by my friend Beth... well Beth it's the best thing that could have happened to me .. I LOVE the dance, the steps, the movement. Here is one of my paintings from start to finish inspired by the dance, the steps ,the movement....

STEP ONE- The dancing figures were taken from models in flowing dresses from a Cosmo Magazine fashion shoot. I drew the images in basic lines on a sheet of paper and arranged the figures to give the feeling of movement and freedom. Next came the canvas, this one is a big one(1200x1000mm). I loosely drew the figures on the canvas with a piece of charcoal. Then blocked in areas of darker colour.
STEP TWO-I start building up the colours and add in more detail eg. the hair.
STEP THREE- I gradually build up more colour and by now I so in my right brain that I no longer can explain the process. If you are an artist you'll know what I mean...
STEP FOUR- I give the backround more attention...

STEP FIVE- now it's the dresses turn to get the attention they deserve. I add in some pinks and ochres and defining black lines to add to the movement.

STEP SIX- the finished painting, here I've added the overlay of watered down white paint with a large brush to soften the hard lines,a smack of lipstick and voila.... A BEAUTIOUS CELEBRATION OF THE STEP BY STEP DANCING GODDESSES ready to kick up their heels........

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07 November 2008

Some available paintings in rich warm earth tones

These are some of my paintings that are available,
the colour theme is rich warm earth colours,
the subject theme is mystical, sensual and romantic....
Dare to dream. A painting in acrylic on canvas 505x1000mm
In rich browns, ochres, whites, and burnt orange.
Beating Hearts 460x360mm framed

Bird in the Hand 915x610mm Framed in a triple wooden frame

"3rd Note" 610x460 framed
Abstracted figure in browns,golden yellows,ochres, burnt oranges and whites.

05 November 2008

Scattered Paintings

I've just put a collection of paintings together... I've painted so many and I just love them all ... I hope the new owners still love them as much as I do when I revisit them.
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I know this post is a little late considering that Art in the Park was in May/June. But here are some
piccies of my wonderful friends that shared the week selling and celebrating in each others successes.
The exhibition is organised by Pietermaritzburg Tourism and the whole setup is so professionally done .
It is simply the best experience ever!!!!!!
The ground is strewn with dry leaves that crackle underfoot as thousands of visitors stroll around admiring our creations, there is an excitment in the crisp air. As the sun starts setting, which can be as early as 4.30pm I usually open my pub. This is where all the fun starts, I offer my friends and collegues and potential buyers a glass of "Old Brown Sherry" we all relax, listen to fabulous local music and enjoy chatting to the visitors as they stream in after work....... Oh boy it is great..
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Art Exhibition Nov 2008

Ronnie Biccard and Thyrza Stott are having an
They previously belonged to the ARTIST GUILD, but
they are still debating whether to continue with it or not...
So in the meanwhile
while the debate continues
an exhibition has
been planned.
All the paintings are for sale ,
they will also include paintings from
previous years
that have not found an owner yet.
It promises to be an
stunning show.
Enquiries Ronnie 072 928 5987
South Africa of

Previous Exhibition at EARTHWALK...

September 2007

Ronnie Biccard,Celia deVilliers,Dulcie Robinson,

Thyrza Stott, MoiraMacMurray,

back: Bernadette Britz,Zeria deVilliers

03 November 2008

Paintings of Goddesses

Some of my themes when painting is that of the Modern Goddesses.
They have anonymous faces and fluid bodies,
they transcend reality and express the subtle nuances of life.
They reflect the graceful movements of human emotion
where warmth, charm, joy and love reside.
The Modern Goddesses,
in my paintings celebrate
mothers, sisters, daughters,
lovers, wives and friends.

These paintings are related to the Elements "AIR" and "FIRE"
Special images and symbols are included to embellish the richness
that these Elements consist of.
These are the Goddesses relating to the Zodiac signs
AIR- Aquarius, Libra, Gemini
FIRE- Leo, Aries, Sagitarius
I'll Post the others after I've taken photos......
They will be on show at"A Special Introduction For Women" at "The Gallery" in Randburg.
Details Ronnie Biccard
South Africa+27 072 928 5987