05 November 2008


I know this post is a little late considering that Art in the Park was in May/June. But here are some
piccies of my wonderful friends that shared the week selling and celebrating in each others successes.
The exhibition is organised by Pietermaritzburg Tourism and the whole setup is so professionally done .
It is simply the best experience ever!!!!!!
The ground is strewn with dry leaves that crackle underfoot as thousands of visitors stroll around admiring our creations, there is an excitment in the crisp air. As the sun starts setting, which can be as early as 4.30pm I usually open my pub. This is where all the fun starts, I offer my friends and collegues and potential buyers a glass of "Old Brown Sherry" we all relax, listen to fabulous local music and enjoy chatting to the visitors as they stream in after work....... Oh boy it is great..
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