16 January 2009

Celebration Paintings- A Series(Jan2009)

I love painting to music, Loreena McKennitt, Edith Piaff , Spirits, various Putumayo cd's.
I love them- real world music. My latest ones are French, I already have Spanish ones. Somehow to listen to a foreign language while I paint is so romantic.
Music fills the air and helps me to open my heart , keeps my feet
a-tapping and away I go.
The Music lifts me into a space where I go into a complete fantasy world—me myself and I.
When the sun streams into my studio from the north, the rainbow maker in the window catches the light and the colours dart around like fairies.
Sometimes when I’m sipping my tea (I just love tea) I slide down into the chair, stretch out my feet and soak up the African sun. This is where inspiration fills me, it envelopes me just like the comfortable old chair I recline on.
The music is still playing Adiemus, Joe Cocker Nublious soblais..... Frida, .....
The winter sun, or the summer light and TEA.
Painting sooo magical, soo yummmy, soo divine, soo beautiful.
Here I go into a fantasy world, a world of pure imagination, and I must admit that sometimes the world of my imagination is so strong that it slips into my “real” life... oops.
The following paintings were inspired by the music, the movement, the rainbow colours and the pure celebration of life.
I have just finished them January 2009.They are available and for sale.
Please contact me on ronniebiccard@gmail.com for sizes and price.
Celebration- Seasons

Celebration- In Crimson