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05 November 2008

Art Exhibition Nov 2008

Ronnie Biccard and Thyrza Stott are having an
They previously belonged to the ARTIST GUILD, but
they are still debating whether to continue with it or not...
So in the meanwhile
while the debate continues
an exhibition has
been planned.
All the paintings are for sale ,
they will also include paintings from
previous years
that have not found an owner yet.
It promises to be an
stunning show.
Enquiries Ronnie 072 928 5987
South Africa of

Previous Exhibition at EARTHWALK...

September 2007

Ronnie Biccard,Celia deVilliers,Dulcie Robinson,

Thyrza Stott, MoiraMacMurray,

back: Bernadette Britz,Zeria deVilliers

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